My Biography

My name is Noël a Christmas carol spiritual name so I was told.I tired to find out what had inspired my parents in naming me Noël when my birth month which is March is a long way from the month of December. Unfortunately,my parents could not give me a satisfactory reason as to why they named me Noël when I wasn’t born on Christmas  Day.I can only assume that their motives were good in wanting to shared a birthday with the most famous baby in the world. So it was to be Noël instead of Nicholas. 

It’s strange that my close friends called me Christmas, when my actual birthday is an a hot summer day in March an a beautiful island name Jamaica. A long way from Christmas. It’s an intriguing first name that is sometimes mispronounced in English as ‘Nowell’ Nohell’ or Noelia’ ‘Noelle’. At one point, on my father side of the family, my grandmother refuse to call me by my birth register name of Noël. Her chosen name for me was Vincent, a name that wasn’t register but to which all the family on my father side got to knew me as Vincent. So it was mighty confusing, since in the elegant locality with a unique characteristic of its own where my grandmother were living with her seven sons and six daughters they all knew my name as Vincent.Yep! My lovely grandma was a breeding machine as for giving birth to many children.

And her sons and daughters which are my cousins, and there were many of them.They all, including most of the tightly knit villagers and neighbors all knew me as Vincent, even my school friends knew me as Vincent. It got to the point where I became so accustom to this nickname as Vincent, it wasn’t embarrassing but more like a awkward situation that I could not ever found a good way to deal with it.I once ask my grandmother which is my birth name. Is it Noël or Vincent? “Oh son! Your mother named you Noël but you’re with me now,and you’d look like a Vincent, so that is your name from now on,” said her.I had a sister that was living in the same locality, that I knew nothing of, even passing her house every day to go to school since my father or grandma didn’t let this become known to me at the time, she also knew me as Vincent when it was not.

My father, an Army Captain Officer, I get to understand and a man I didn’t know much about, that he was the playboy of that district, that he is the father of many children around here with all different women I was told. Yet, many of these sisters and brothers I’ve never met, and those that I get to meet, is in fact boys and girls that we walked passed each days an our way to school or played together without knowing that we are sisters and brothers.

On my mother (one of the kindiest  woman on Gods earth. Since much later in my teen years, she would be the one to come and rescue me. With some hope of giving me a chance to fulfill many of my childhood ambition) side of the family who lived in another district (some 20 to 30 miles away from my father side of the family), and where I was born, they have no idea who Vincent was, they only knew me as Noël. The confusion in name transpire from as a seven-year-old boy, I ran away from my mother sisters home since I was been abused.

It was an a pitch dark lonely long walk at night for a seven-year-old. I went to live with my father dad unbeknown to my mother sisters, it wasn’t that hard in finding grandpa house, a huge house it was although I’ve never been to grandpa house before but he was also disconnected from my father’s mother. I stayed a little while with my father’s dad, but then he shipped me out to go and live with my father’s mother, a grandma I’ve not met before who were living an her own in little three bedroom zinc and thatched house, so hence the start of a little boy name confusion.

I had spent a good part of my boyhood days an into my teen years without my mother, and even with a father nearby I didn’t spend any time with him.It was an extremely, extremely difficult time for a boy,it greatly affected my education and ambition.I was an extremely bright and intelligent kid that love running who wanted to be an actor. Because I love performing, I love the art, reading, writing and science and music.

My next love was to be an architecture, I love building things. Anything to do with Arts and Crafts and mythology, and ancient Africa, the mother of all life will get my attention. My next love is writing, I write anywhere and everywhere and on anything, and telling stories. This as captured my attention in a phenomenal way. Thoughts of writing the script for a hit movie crosses my mind. These then were my childhood ambitions.

But with no mother or father to encourage me to these venture, these was not to be accomplish till much, much later in my life.There were barriers every steps of the way, I would have to fought extra hard if I still wanted to accomplish any of these ambitions. I’ve sailed from the beautiful island of Jamaica where I was born in the late 60s as a teenager to stay with my mother who I’ve not seen for many years, and as boy and her only son who she gave birth to while she herself were just a child at school I did missed her and wanted to know more about her. A really beautiful and very private woman.

My reunion with her was in Europe. It was a very strange atmosphere where I saw the white stuff, (snow) for the first time with bitter cold breeze and coal fire in the same room. Most nations (including the USA) and Europe then were trying to get back on their feet, since the war with Adolf Hitler (Germany) were just a few years over. Would this young island boy resist the temptation of this new world and the city life to fulfill his dreams where my black skin and low education would certainly be an hindrance, an impediment of a brighter future.

The question. The years rolls by. While still in Europe some success came my way with boyhood ambition as I study for my higher education. Did managed to get an acting roll into a movie. Followed the art closely and modeled for the Arts world. Moved into music, write musical lyrics. Then joined the Army. Then dropped out of the Army and taken sick with a disease called Meningitis, that very nearly took my life.

Got better and for some unknown reason, I dropout from my dreams. (blotted out). I became a bum, (bummed around), living rough on the streets, clothes are filthy and disgustingly dirty and I do smell nasty. I was 18 and losing it quickly and getting homesickness.Get arrested for stealing long playing (LP) old school records of the pop groups,The WHO, ROLLING STONES, and BOB DYLAN, and then having the audacity to sell the same records back to the same shopkeeper a few days later.

All this taking place while I’m still in my early 18 years of age. Also I could not help from noticing that, while I was going through this period of time in my young life, that I was still writing down things that popped up into my head on toilet papers (napkins), anything I could write on I would do so.The years continued rolling by fast as if it want to see I go old quickly and loss my sweet youthful looks. I straightened up and decided that the streets was not into my repertory.

I got away from that. Do the odd jobs here and there, which could be anything from a furniture worker, to Hotels porter, to a Chef, to a dishwasher, to a Fabric cutter, to a Wine tester, and then to a motor mechanic of which I served a three year apprenticeship (certify) for. Is as if I were searching for myself. Man it was so hard should’ve stay on the island I murmured to myself and what would be my true career? Went into my own two business ventured, did well but it was not me. Something were still missing.

As the years continue, so is my diary writing which amass to a lot, but it was meaningless as I needed a real paying job.Went back to school but that too wasn’t working out. My girlfriend in her long jacket were having my baby so now my troubles would triple fold. My dear mother finally found her someone to give her love a GI guy that marry her. A young American Air Force Captain, a guy who were four-years younger than I was.

I did not mind that I now have a father-in-law who I was older for. My mother was happy and that was the main thing. She had now leave Europe to return to the USA with her new husband. I remained in Europe for a few more years. Then I met the woman, a beautiful Indian teenager girl,who with the Lord blessing gave us four wonderful important children.

I eventually move to the USA where I vowed to continue with my writing, hoping that some day I’ll write a good piece where it will caught the eyes of someone that will publish any of my immense quality work. In the mean time that have not happen yet but I’ll keep putting out my works, someone, somewhere a purchasing hope I’ll hold onto to it. Right here at this website you’ll find many pieces of my original master piece, you may not like them all.But I can seriously guaranteed you that there is one here that’ll spurred your curiosity.

As my dear grandma told me countless times that incentive for my ambition will come from the kind of company I keep,that if I’m passionate about a thing or someone then that passion activity will develop with the blessing of our merciful Christ Lord.Yes, I’ve seen many years come and gone since my wild teen years where death knocked on my door.I’ve seen many changes in both political, religion, and the color of my skin.I’ve elevated from a poor person to one who was wealthy when compared to where I was, then seen that position descend back to been poor.

Somethings were just not made to be, but mistakes made is mistakes to be learn from.The same can be said of love. I’ve looked in the mirror and see new age marks each day, and say to myself. Is that you? What happened to the youthful boy that leave the beautiful island of Jamaica a few years ago? I’ve been blessed to be writing this so you can have your reading pleasure. Well I can also applied some exaggeration by saying that I’ve seen a couple Kings and Queens passed away. Seen a few Prime Ministers and Presidents passed away. And I said thank you, I’m blessed. I’ve lived through some good old  Rock-n-Roll and Hip-Hop/Reggae years. I’ve seen the ushering some part of the “bebop” era and enjoy the ‘blues’ and the ‘jazz’ era so I’m blessed.

I’ve stood with failed broken love,and the hardship of poverty, and I’ve continued to face the ugly sins of aging and sicknesses. And still I repeat that I’m blessed. I’ve seen the lowering of moral decency,and men with principle and men without principles, I’ve heard of the footprint that is left an the surface of the moon,and yes I feel blessed to have people who I love and respect including my many fans that made me feel like a rock star all over again. And now I’ll patiently await the prize from Zeus Writing. This then will be the story with pleasure to the people who will be interested in finding out who is in the Zeus world.

I’m not a very good writer, was not trained,but I’ll try to make my stories of some interest and substance as we entered the Zeus Writing world to discovered new myth and love. So who am I ? I’m the new 21st century Zeus Writer.I’m the ordinary next door neighbor guy who are having so much fun just by writing about things that I know nothing about.However, by the time I’m through, I guarantee you that by the time you finish reading any of my writing we both would have acquired new wisdom and knowledge of what I’m about. We will explored the imaginary and the unimagined Zeus world and places.We travel the planet’s ‘One Great Ocean’. We will learn more about the brave Amazons female warriors, and take a closer look at the world’s largest rain forest, the giver of life.

We will revisit the question of, Did God “Shed His Grace” on all of North America? Or did he stop at the U.S. Borders? We will broaden our knowledge of the continent with the world’s largest population, and we will renew the question about the Highest Mountain Peaks. We will take into consideration and the meaning to the Chinese writing,and the account to the ‘magnetic alignment’. What is our knowledge of  Khu-fu and the ‘Great Pyramid’. We will asked the question are we still having any speculation into the world of mysticism and the superstition of ‘Mount Olympus’ home of the Greek gods, and finally, we will try to learn some more of Alexander, the Western world’s most important city,before the birth of Christ. And while we’re at it,it would not be fair if I didn’t say hi in the ‘house of Aphrodite’, goddess of love. My writing range, I would like it to be extensive with social and fundamental issues. And no two story are the same. Yep, you’ll find me in the yard chopping firewoods, and in the city in my fast car with luxury to match. Of course. If I lied, then I’m sorry, but ambition, money, and love drives me. Then, and of course, I cannot do anything without God blessings. My writing and biography is about every day situation, there are so much happening in the world that’ll let your hair stood an ends. So much suffering, many we do not knows about. Zeus Writing will dedicate our time for you knowing about our world and the people a little more even through fantasy elements. Zeus world is full of scientific information and we will need it before ‘when the waves come’. My interests amongst other, is to trace and find out as much about the human evolutionary process leading to modern humans. Which as sure as there is heaven and earth, mankind as we know us today will be replace. Of course by a superhuman.You may say something like a superman or woman. You may say something like a superwoman. As our technologies improve and a combination of mother natures destruction. No, don’t call me a prophet. But it’s the Earth we should have the biggest fear from. Since, if you should think of a nuclear bomb, it would wipe out a nation, but it is nothing to compare to what mother nature can accomplish with just one strike. We do not even want to fathom this in any logical thinking. Yet mankind must be prepare for the worst.

Yet because we are as far as we know,we’re not competing with any other super living race from outside of our planet, it’s fair to say we’re the only super race with our science technology, and because of this we will build everything that can withstand over 100 foot waves. All the dry lands as we know it will be covered for an indefinite time. Where would these waves come from? A triple massive ocean earthquake. But our technology had taken this sanguine into consideration, so each nation would have prepare some good earth as part of the package to stay alive.The possibility for this to happen is real. However, don’t let I scared you. The globe will not be destroyed by this wave, nonetheless we need to think that we all can be gone by the way of the Dinosaur. My friends are inquisitive you see. Once you are committed to writing, it is like a locomotive, like you get high, the brain switch off for awhile then take off again..I hope my writing are of some comfort to you….Many thanks to all of my friends who give me inspiring tips… Peace with much love. … _END_.