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Is she a voyeur? In my hours of grief Mahalia Brooks an extraordinarily woman who is just as beautiful, widower of Captain Jacob Brooks a small town News host who I have the awesome pleasure of a wine and dine date with as she looked me seriously into my eyes trying to make me on offer that startled me and said quite unexpectedly. “Lemuel, we’re both in the same boat of losing our loved ones, I know that you’re grieving about the death of your […]

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My God, the election is over, America have a new president now in his third month, and yet one would think by the amount of coverage Putin is getting that he Putin was the president of America. If Mr. Trump would just sincerely apologize for all of his insinuating remarks then I’m sure some of us including his supporters would respect him more and take him more seriously that he knows what he’s doing and what he’s saying is the truth and nothing but the facts. […]

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Emptiness now filed my days without Gloria Swan who died from an accidental Heroin overdose at the tender age of just 24 12 months now. I spend days writing healing words of love and losses to myself concerning this mysterious death. I seeks comfort and encouragement from her spirit since it will take me a long time to find anyone that are remotely fantastic like her. She seems to understand me more than anyone else in the world, even more than my dear sweet charming […]

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So you Got Played by Donald Trump, Suckers. Fool me once, shame on you;  fool me twice, and you know the rest. Dear Mr. Trump (President). can you helped me? You see. Since you became president I’m having no politics and definitely no pussy and this is making me very sad. How can a man lived a life without pussy, can you? You see sir, you talked about building a beautiful wall with a beautiful door which is easy for you to say and do. […]

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President Barack Obama catch phase. ‘Yes we can’. Today January 19, 2017 is the ending era of a beautiful black family days in the country’s highest office so-called the White House. Today is the ending phenomenon of the nation first African-American Commander-in-Chief the nation 44th President. We wish him and his family the best. Tomorrow January 20, 2017  in accordance with the nation law and Constitution the 8th term ends when the 2016 presidential election elect a new president. Tomorrow inauguration of this new president whose […]

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Over the successful pleasurable years of working out at the gym, I see all kinds of cutie sport tops with built-in bras and some women just doesn’t seemed to ever find the right size. So with that said  here are 10 amazing sports bras perfect for big breasts, one or more is for you that are easy to get on, offer stellar support and, most importantly, are still cute and recommended by better Health. “Priscilla Ward. 10 Best Sports Bras for Big Breasts.” Under Amour […]

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Donald O’ Donald saith the Lord God what the fuck are we going to do with your depressing sorry ass? The man who wannabe the United States of America next in line President from here on known as “Groper-in-chief” is as we all expected setting socia networks and media here and around the world on fire with just made public lewd comments about women or woman private down there parts.  My God, I thought that I was the only one, the bad out of control […]

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In spite of stubbornness, it is never too late for a man with a big kahuna to apologize. Some men with big balls will not lose size in rendering to a regretful acknowledgment of an offense against a woman. So just take your head outta your ass and say. “I owed you an apology” then cleared your throat and proceeded with your happy self. Why do Hillary needs all or some of the millennials who wants and are willing to work hard for a more […]

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Let us go on a 17-day tour of Africa the Motherland of the human race and China to marvel over archaeological sites and the longest man-made structure on Earth. But before we headed out-of-town let us visit our own African history in America. Let us go to the brand new Smithsonian’s African-American National History Museum in Washington, D.C. a beautiful place that tells the story of slaves to the new land of ‘A Shining City On a Hill’ where these young men/boys/girls and women brought […]