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In life, especially love and business life, having an ideal partner to support you can lead to fulfilling goals happiness essential quickly, after all, we all have just one short shots at life to live it and along the way, many obstacles will be encountered. In a relationship that started wonderful it is important that the great qualities of each individual be allowed to grow, which means that each should be free to explore the relationship for the future to the fullest with all honesty. […]

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What the heck is going on? Will Facebook a 15-year-old social media networking giant amongst the likes of Google that I have been following since its early infancy and founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before a congressional hearing concerning some 50 million user or more data breach? That is the question! Even the U.K. Parliamentary Committee wanting to carry out an investigation on how the social media data is being used. The British want answers and they want it from the man himself, Mr. […]

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Indeed, beauty for both male and female and even to our pets and animals attractiveness still remains in the eye of the beholder, while the question are still being asked if beauty are really only skin deep, or does an attractive face really reflect underlying good qualities? In this time and world the fact still remains that there are faces that only a mother could love, while other attractiveness are judged more favorably, getting a job and better paid, better success in dating and mating, […]

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This intense, twisty thriller unfolds in the sometimes darkest hours, and sometimes in the darkest corners of A young beautiful boy mind in a romantic story of a love affair he embarks on his first date after on earlier tragedy in 15 years not yet achieved a climax ("knew" Eve (Gen 4.1) This "Knew Eve' happened after the fall from Paradise! God says that "it is not good for the man to be alone" (Gen 2.18) that understands a man's thinkings in maturity, learning how […]

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Anxiety abundantly for many women health in a recent article published Conversation from research scientist, Georgia State University and Ritu Aneja, Professor of Biology, Georgia State University. The uneven question was asked: Why is breast cancer mortality higher for African-American women than for white women? The findings should in no way be of surprising, but the question should also be asked as to what are being done to prevent this disease from causing such major health concerns among African-American women which can and have being […]

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Always striving to enhance her satisfaction, whether she white or black like tar, click on her and Open with love, open with care, open only if your hearts are truly true and desiring for a love that shall not die and "Do not go gentle into that good night. / Old age should burn and rave at close of day; / Rage, rage against the dying of the light." And so my friend told me his epic life in love story while asking me a […]

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The joy of experiencing the extraordinary, something or someone so rare, so beautiful, so uplifting, you wished you could stop time to savor it or the friendship a little longer, you met someone or gone to a place that are so stunning, so powerful, so purifying, so heartwarming it gives you a source of hope with positive energy, this energy towards loving someone in almost every culture and society throughout human history and before the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ looked to […]

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Tell them, Tell everybody's, Tell them all that Jesus Right now he sits at the right hand of the Father, pleading for you for you and I, Tell them that Jesus is alive and well — The day Jesus died on the Cross for human sins the man went in the grave, stayed three long days but he rose with that victorious victory's, with that victory the devil lost his sting — all power in his hands — all I need is one witness that […]

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His unflinching determination for love faith conquered their world at a price to secure her release from slavery. "If earth was heaven and now was hence, And past was present, and false was true, There might be some sense But I'd be in suspense For on such a pretense You wouldn't be you." It matters not that she is white and he is black, that she is a native of Colombia who lived in a remote village near a border, and he is an aristocratic […]

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Lord Most High One, I'm feeling enthusiastic overwhelmed  with enthusiasm and ready to comply and yet I don't know why since love for a woman like her has abandoned  me, abandoned me in this uninhabited region where mountain lions and bobcats are surrounding me, prompting me to relinquish my foolish quest for ephemeral love amongst willows, and yet her graceful frame stiffened to my conquest. ###O' sweet merciful God I thank you. Let me be equal in value to her love if so real, but […]