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Dar la bienvenida. ¡Bienvenido a Zeus escritura! Find your prakrti, and purusha, prajna, moksha, niyama, kaivalya, right here and free your soul mind and body. Reading, I’m absolutely ‘nuts’ about reading, yet I never seem to have enough daylight time for it. And now it’s much worst because my patience is on a overdrive to finish reading quickly, and in so doing the beauty of the story is lost. I promise myself to be more absolute with my reading one of these days.

If you’ve the time and like to read, maybe while at the beach or just chilling waiting somewhere on someone or whatever, whether from your iTablet, your Smartphones or PC or any other device then you’ll find this site pretty cool, a kind of moment for some to fall in love with printed words with some humor again, with a mixture of naughtiness for those who enjoy getting away from the ordinary. Know what I mean? If you’re an individual who expects immediate satisfaction from what you are reading and have the confidence and resources to escape from the ordinary whenever you desire, then this is your site to escape to. After all, it was Moses who looked at the pretty girl and said. Wow! Daniela, you are out of the ordinary.

Zeus Writing mission is to deliver romance with all the ‘thrill and fantasy’ while still reflecting on  the real world realities of women’s lives in near and far-reaching corners of our world. She is a real woman with a need to ask the question “Is my desire for chivalry and romance and to be wooed contrary to how a Christ-centered relationship should be conducted in the early stages?” My answer to her is that romantic feelings should be resilient and override the normal demands of life, and for this it’s important to have a compatible partner. I’m so in love with love, it causes me to marry a woman for it, then I fell in love with a country three times, then finally I fell in love with myself without pay. Aha! Because of this beautiful thing, everything else became nonexistent without a beaming smiles of light from her, while being overpowered with enthusiasm for her is quite evident as I Aimlessly go wandering with my mind away from other immediate situation. I’m in love with romantic tales, as much as the universe, I’m in love with love, incredible, but it includes sexual love one hundred percent, and why not, I ain’t no sinners Saints, especially when she alone are in possession of what I as a male needs from her, and of course her natural needs too, I’m sure that one piece of advice that every mother gives to her baby daughter is, “you young beautiful lady have total dominion over your pussy territory” of which unless the male is gay, then for sure survival before love, a man will go first for that sexual love, so I seek to bring to you the reader high-quality, less obfuscate where possible, with a tiny amount of sexual vulgarity, absorbing, easy-to-read love stories of fantasy and real that is short and accessible on smart mobiles or tablets device which can go anywhere with you without burning bridges, even to that quality moment in your bathroom or bedroom where even the sex scenes make sense. Yet I’ll let you be the judge of that. I guess we are just different. We just want you to have some fun here cause we are doing it for the love.

The stories are real or near to real and of course fun to read here, as the author pulls you in, you may even found yourself becoming addictive. I write with bad intention to win with the end of one dream and the beginning of another and see nothing wrong in asking The Lord to have mercy and pity on me should he thinks that my endeavor is worthy since the struggles to be the best that I can be continued, I may even tempted you to find poetic solitude here where secret love of the past found you. I invite you to let’s start a love affair with an elevator kiss over the power of food with a delicious and unique office romance conversation that captures our imagination of how to communicate our romantic feelings.

Please note that this website contains material of explicit sexual nature and is not suitable for viewers under the age of 18.

Zeus Writing is a beautiful place in the world, where you can share your experiences and fantasy imagination with us, we cry when you cried and laughed when you laugh. Life is beautiful but extremely short for humans, and many of us spend our time been too concise, and in so doing we end up thinking later about the one thing we regret not doing or saying to each other. In this scenario, when love hearts are broken or on the rocks self-reproach is the very first thing that jumped out at you.The late Marilyn Monroe would phase it this way.”Life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” My philosophy of life is that life as do love and many other things that we’d  always demands preparation and readiness, it enhance performance, satisfaction and enjoyment.

It entice you to get better at what you do, and it challenges you to meet rejection head on and comes out triumphantly with your trumpet blowing.The same can be applied to love. Personally, I like to lived fast, while not forgetting to give all the praises to God, and when death or love come it must not get lost in the process, but come fast. A friend was telling me not too long ago about his friend who think it was wise of him to get an electric drill for his girlfriend first birthday as a gift. He’d assumed this would have more utilitarian value than a surprise weekend break or a painting and flowers, said my friend. An electric drill is more useful and will last longer.

Here at Zeus you’ll find Nadine blushing furiously when a certain someone talks to her, and Ian reading one of Zeus’ world stories by the fireplace on a romantic sunset afternoon.The inscription is perfectly set for readability where they try to be more relaxed with the obvious fondness they shared. So I was talking to my friend about the unique romantic meaning behind the symbolic gesture. So what is the gesture, he asked behind buying your over one an electric drill?  That you’re a post feminist male? Well think about it, we men might find it hard to comprehend that the less practical application a gift has the more romantic it can be. Here’s an important point, said my friend. The guy who bought his woman an electric drill may have felt romantic toward her, so it wasn’t that he wasn’t romantic at heart it’s just that a central aspect of what romance really means to many women wasn’t on his radar.

Here you’ll find enchanting dynamic stories of mix fantasy of love and romance in all its glory, myths and realism to the vision. Here you’ll find the augment about rich and poor. Religion, political mayhem, love quotes in poems and mythical mythology. One of Zeus Writing’s favorite articles, stories on male sex preferences. Here you’ll find educational geography stories. Romantic stories to the goddess of love, “precious feather flower” beauty and sexual rapture. Here at Zeus Writing you’ll read about catastrophes and salutes to our gallant soldiers of wars, or retired from wars. Death and injuries. Here, we will venture into the age-old mystery and question of what race of people did Cleopatra (there were actually several Cleopatra’s during the Ptolemaic period in Egypt) belongs to. An intense debate in American education that is rattling the sherry glasses in the ivory-white towers of academia.

At its heart, the question is about Afrocentrism, a very specific branch of the multicultural movement that wants contemporary schoolbooks to reflect the history, achievements, and contributions of overlooked minority groups alongside those of white males traditionally taught as “Western civilization.” Zeus will even take an inquisitive look further through the soul of Afro-centrism and learn of ‘Zeus Jupiter,’ adopted by the Romans. Zeus is about today’s news, home and worldwide. We sincerely hope that you’ll tell your friends about us, and that you’ll enjoy your visits and become a fan of Zeus Writing, and apart from writing about sad politics are any other news, or of a major catastrophe at home or any part of the ‘Zeus world’ we would like you to find happiness, even when you’re sad, because that’s why we’re here. Furthermore, to remember the important power and understandings you’ll gain from Zeus world since strength, knowledge, and wisdom are the Divine rules of Our Kingdom granted from the blessings of God to all.

Which means only one thing,’to win’ in everything you do. A power to Zeus from God to you. As simple as that. Welcome to Zeus Writing. I’m here, and will talk with you. Heightened to the power of Zeus Writing to the pleasure in his world for it is not what you’ve in your life but whom you’ve in your life that counts. Word blows me away, and I’m absolutely addicted to complicated words as you’ll experience. It’s an experience likened unto none other. In my younger days I never was the proud owner of a dictionary, was never good at crossword puzzle, no anagram solver, or any good thesaurus. No, my parents was so poor and mean, they refused to get any. So I use to write down words from the newspapers, or any other sources for future references. Quite invigorating it was, a brain teaser just as it is on to this day. Take this interesting word for instance: friggatriskaidekaphobia. Never heard of it, did you say? Can’t pronounce it? What does it mean? Here’s an etymology clue:

From Frigga (Norse goddess associated with Friday) plus triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13). In other words, people who suffer from (a full moon, such as this June Friday 13, 2014 will be the first in almost 100 years can lead to real fears for some) friggatriskaidekaphobia-may caused you in not wanting to leave your house on a Friday the 13th for fear of a full moon. Sound freaky, but real to those who are superstitious and think bad things may happen to them with a full moon rising on Friday the 13th. At 12:11 A.M. (EDT) tonight, the world will experience what no human has seen as the first full honey moon appear.This fear of course was started in the 17th century through the Norse goddess whom have a fear of the number thirteen. The Greek words Paraskevi, meaning Friday. On the other hand, the number 13th being an odd number is blessed in Islam, as the Prophet Muhammad liked odd numbers.There’s however, something strange about the number 13, because in Spanish-speaking countries the day that the thirteen falls on is considered an unlucky day.

So Tuesday is considered dominated by the influence of Ares, the god of war. Tuesday the 13th (martes trece/Mardi — Greek Triti, third day of the week, and since bad luck is said to “come in threes.” Anyway, that is just old medieval time superstition, so have no fear even if phobia is staring you in your face. However, go out and enjoy this rare 100 year honey moon phenomenon as it graze closer to the horizon and stood out more than any of the normal 12 full moons in any given year. Complicated word, or complex word can be the right one too. Here are two from the 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee duel between 14-year-old Sriram Hathwar and 13-year-old Ansun Sujoe.”corpsbruder,” a close comrade. “antegropelos,” which means waterproof leggings.

And “feulletion,” that allows the two young boys to spilt the championship.The last word means the features section of a European newspaper or magazine. Here’s one I like from Gilbert White’s lovely book The Natural History of Selborne “this wonderful procreant cradle.” White had taken the expression “procreant cradle” from Macbeth. Or how about Marianne Moore. No other writer comes at words from such oblique angles, she’s absolutely brilliant. If you’ve not read her prose, especially her essay on writing, “Humility, Concentration and Gusto,” I urge you to. She knew more than a thing or two about good writing. “She says of style, for example, “Originality is any case a by-product of sincerity.” But as one of my friend said he likes this word that she use that says it all “If emotion is strong enough, the words are unambiguous.” Such a delightful way in using one word, instead of two, “the words are not ambiguous,” she economizes and, in a single word, gives us an example of precisely what she means. “Not ambiguous” implies the possibility of ambiguity. Totally awesome.

One final so-called complex word, from John Cheever’s splendid, moving book, Falconer. He speaks of  “the utter poverty of erotic reasonableness” That word “reasonableness” affixed to “erotic” and as my good friend would so amicable stated summons up all the cold patterned sex one has experienced and the lack of hope found there. It’s hard to read his journals and read about his having to barter with his wife for sex– “she would let me have my way.” For myself and this website, I looked no further for motivation and inspiration other than a great writer called Rick Moody. What a guy. A true servant with the “secret word of strength” How about the word  “jigger?” You probably don’t get to  “jigger” on the first try. Maybe you need to jigger to get to it. But it’s out there, waiting. Truman Capote is describing a ride on horseback in his book Breakfast at Tiffany’s: “Very gently the horses began to trot, waves of wind splashed our faces, we plunged in and out of sun and shadow pools, and joy, a glad-to-be-alive exhilaration jolted through me like a jigger of nitrogen.”

How about Gustave Flaubert, the celebrated nineteenth-century French perfectionist author of Madame Bovary and Sentimental Education. Sven Birkerts, for example, writes in The American Scholar, “Like many would-be writers, I had been deeply influenced by stories of Flaubert’s grail-quest for le mot juste, the exact word, which of course translated into the idea of the perfect sentence, paragraph, chapter…book.” No doubt that he was extra good. I’m a huge Maya Angelou, Helen Fisher and Hemingway fan as well, just for his deep understanding of words alone. Hemingway talks about Ezra Pound, saying, “here was the man I liked and trusted the most as a critic then, the man who believed in the mot juste—the one and only correct word to use—the man who had taught me to distrust adjectives as I would later learn to distrust certain people in certain situations….”

Mark Twain was memorably good at seizing the exact word, too. Most humorist are. Twain, Thurber, S. J. Perelman, Waugh, and even Woody Allen well-chosen word placed exactly where it is liable to generate the loudest laugh. Finally we may not get it right in aptitude, facility, gift, knack, technique, touch, bent, ability, expertise, capacity, faculty, strength, forte, genius, brilliance, dexterity, skill and artistry but what is guaranteed is that we will die trying.

God bless America, the world and us all, including Pope Francis, our president Barack Obama and family, my mother, my heartless ex-wife who screwed me naked with a huge grinning on her tits in front of the jury, and our lovely children. And not forgetting the people including children who are caught up in poverty and immigration political wrangling in many countries the world over. Noël.